HORR 2014 – (Lack of) Race Report

After weeks of planning and training that wasn’t without incident and injury, the Hertford Hugh’s Hall super VIII arrived to a glorious sunny day in London ready to do battle with the Tideway. The crew welcomed into its ranks Graham Baird and Ben Wedd, both presidents of their respective clubs, Teddy Hall and St. Hugh’s (hence the name).
HoRRAlso returning from rather lengthly injury absences were Chris Jones and Simon Zieleniewski. We boated from Furnivall to rapturous applause from the spectating hordes and joined the masses of boats paddling down to the start. By Barnes bridge we waited and entertained ourselves by urinating into Oasis bottles and watching with great amusement as Jesus College Ox were spun by the tide causing a huge panic in the marshalling area. On we waited as the big boys rowed past until eventually as about crew number 90 passed us, we were informed that boats were sinking at the finish due to high winds against the tide, so the race was being abandoned. We paddled back to Hammersmith and thus ended our Head of the River race for another year. This year we actually got onto the Tideway, but alas, it was not to be once again. Instead, we made rapid progress to the Blue Anchor where heavy drinking commenced and stories were regaled of how Molesey and Leander got away with one again. Hertford still remain unbeaten in three years of Head of the River.

On to regatta season we head.

- Simon Zieleniewski, Men’s Captain

WEHoRR 2014 – Race Report

WEHoRR 2014We couldn’t have asked for a better day for WEHoRR this year – the beautiful early spring sunshine meant Hertford’s ladies were in high spirits whilst boating for, for most, their first race on the Tideway.

It’s been a difficult term for rowing in Oxford – floods have meant the Isis has been on permanent red flag until last week. However, a rigorous land training schedule, and outings at Radley and Eton Dorney meant Hertford’s W1 was fit and ready for the challenging course. Whilst welcoming Hertford Alumnus Natalie McDaid and our W1 Coach, Olivia Faull, into the boat, we also had the fantastic opportunity to bring on our most promising novices – high-stakes racing experience is invaluable in inspiring confidence for the
imminent Summer Eights.

WEHoRR 2014The race itself got off to a strong start, with the crew quickly settling into a confident rhythm. The crew was able to take advantage of a strong stream, with the team closing the gap on Twickenham RC during the first half. The crew were encouraged by the loud cheers for Hertford under Hammersmith Bridge, and were able to pull together for a last push to Putney, managing to hold-off the chasing crew for the entire course. Overall, the crew placed 56th of 112 crews in IM3 – a huge boost to a crew which has experienced setbacks both from injuries and from the lack of water time this term. Despite the long row back against the stream, the crew were in high spirits and enjoyed the afternoon in the glorious weather. Summer Eights, here we come!




Women’s Head of the River – Results

HCBC W1 placed 152nd in Women’s Eights Head of the River – finishing 56th out of 112 in IM3. Race report and photos will follow – watch this space!

Congratulations must also go to HCBC alumna Zoë Lee, for winning the Head for the second time – this time in a new record time of 17:42.21, in the Army RC/Gloucester RC/Imperial College BC/London RC/Minerva-Bath RC/Oxford Brookes University BC/Tees RC composite.

Torpids Fully Cancelled

We’ve just heard that due to the recent rainfall, Torpids has been fully cancelled. Our rowers and coxes have worked hard on land this term, and this should pay off next term. We’re certainly hoping for a dry Summer Eights!

Torpids Update

The Senior Umpires have had lengthy discussions about the impact of the river conditions on Torpids 2014, and have updated us with some initial decisions about the racing. The final decision about whether racing will happen is made 48 hours in advance, so we will hear on Monday about the start of racing.  If racing does go ahead on Wednesday and Thursday, it has been decided that it will be under a contingency plan for racing Divisions 1-3 in half-divisions, and thus only our Men’s and Women’s 1st VIIIs will race.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more about any racing, and if it goes ahead, times!


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